At Colfab, we continue to set our entity apart from the competition with an unwavering investment in the most advanced software and technology there is in every step of the process from design to delivery.

design and engineering

Colfab offers more competitive engineering services including:

  • material takeoffs including extrusions, glass, and accessories

  • fabrication drawings including parts drawings and frame elevations

  • truck loading schedules including truck sketches and delivery schedule

fab KD

At Colfab we specialize in FAB KD for storefront, unitized curtain wall, and stick curtain wall systems.  We machine parts for all standard and custom systems.  Parts are cut, drilled, end milled, cleaned, and labeled with Elumatec CNC equiment.  All parts are then professionally packaged for delivery to be assembled and glazed in your shop or on site.  All part labels reference fabrication drawings provided by Colfab.

assembly & glazing

At Colfab, we utilize a 500’ straight assembly line to build and glaze unitized curtain wall panels.  We also assemble screw spline curtain wall and storefront frames to be delivered directly to the jobsite.  The assembly line is setup specifically for each individual project.  Work stations along the assembly line are customized and transformed to meet the different needs from each new project.  We also utilize mulitiple overhead cranes, hand assisted structural caulk machines, and overhead power cups to accomplish any project size or type. 


​We deliver materials directly to your shop or the job site. We work closely with our customers to map out a delivery strategy and utilize loading instructions that are crucial to each project’s process and progress. This allows our customers to optimize their field labor to the best of their time and resources resulting in higher productivity.


In addition, Colfab’s facility also has rail access allowing us to ship unitized panels around the country at a fraction of the cost for conventional trucking.



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